Do I Have Flat Feet?

There are several “at home” ways to try to figure out if you have flat feet.  Often, you can tell just by looking! 

Examine the bottoms of your shoes.  Do they wear unevenly?  If they do, it can indicate you have poor foot biomechanics.  

Have a friend take a picture of the back of your ankles when you standing. 

Do they bow or are they straight?

Stand in damp sand or step on a bathmat after a shower with wet feet and examine your footprint. Compare your footprint to the picture above. 

Ask your chiropractor, physical therapist, or doctor to perform the Navicular Drop Test.  This simple test measures the height of the Navicular bone seated verses standing or weight bearing.   If your foot drops over the standard 10 mm, you likely have flat feet and over pronation.    

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