Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from neck pain or shoulder pain, it creates undue stress on the rest of your body.  Crosstown Chiropractic in Irving Park offers comprehensive treatments for your neck and shoulder pain. Neck pain and shoulder pain are associated with muscle tension, stiffness, and a lack of mobility.  Let us help you improve your neck and shoulder issues today!

What Does it Mean When I Have a Stiff Neck?

If you have difficulty bending or rotating your head from side to side, this could mean you have a stiff neck. A stiff neck is characterized by decreased range of motion and the feeling of tight muscles in your neck and shoulders. There are many reasons why you could be suffering from this condition including old injuries, poor posture, and your work activities.

Another association with a stiff neck is a headache or migraine. A stiff neck can interfere with sleep, concentration, and can be difficult to deal with. Rather than suffer from a stiff neck or associated health conditions, please call Crosstown Chiropractic. We look forward to treating your stiff neck!

Why Do I Have a Sore Neck?

If you are suffering from a sore neck this could be the result of a range of problems or conditions. There are many reasons why you could develop a sore neck ranging from old injuries or auto accidents to pulled muscles.  Dr. Aho and Dr. Shevokas at Crosstown Chiropractic are highly skilled in treating sore neck pain. We will determine if there are any underlying conditions that are a concern for your health. Then we will provide you with treatment in our office, followed by a care plan that you can do at home for continued treatment. A sore neck can interfere with life, and we want to help you remedy the issues causing you this pain.

Why Do My Shoulders Hurt?

Here at Crosstown Chiropractic, we hear this question a lot. Patients often feel pain and stiffness in their neck, upper back, and shoulders. Shoulder pain when you are moving your arm is an indicator of underlying problems. You might be suffering from a rotator cuff injury, arthritis, or a strained muscle. Each of these issues benefit from treatment.  Reach out to our office to schedule your shoulder pain examination.

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